• ANELIXIS is the title of my prospect book in psychology and self-help.

  • ANELIXIS sheds light on how we can optimize our living and improve the quality of our life.

  • This book will assist you to unstuck yourself from the endless mental "running" wheels and the compulsion loops.

  • ANELIXIS also emphasizes the crucial role of people in our lives.

  • Accordingly, this book provides the most efficient strategies for keeping quality people around you and only those who can enhance the optimal way of living


  •  ANELIXIS determines the best ways to cope and deal with toxic and manipulative people ruining your lives. In my book, I refer to those toxic and manipulative individuals as Narcopaths (please see the term in the given section below).




A·ne·lix·is /əˈnəˈliksəs/ 

Anelixis defined as the optimal evolution of human beings by which a person's thinking and feeling processes refined continuously to elevate their consciousness, spirit and physical structure.



Nar·co·path /ˈnärkōˌpaTH/ 

Narcopath defined as the person who is a Narcissistic Sociopath. In medical terms, a Narcopath is an individual who is diagnosed with aspects of both narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Essentially, the Narcopath meets at least two diagnostic criteria of the Cluster B personality disorder classifications. 




The term "Narcopath" plays a vital role in the book for two reasons:

  1. In the modern world society, Narcopaths hold leading positions in our communities, businesses, nations, governments, etc.

  2. Narcopathy is the new virus that would destroy our only hope left - our hope for a Free & Sustainable Future 

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