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Optimizing the Upward Spiral

  • ANELIXIS is the title of my prospect book in psychology and self-help - not that I know anything about psychology and self-help.

  • ANELIXIS sheds light on how we can optimize our living and improve the quality of the life of (us and) our loved ones.

  • This book will assist you to unstuck yourself from the endless mental "running" wheels and your compulsive mental loops.

  • ANELIXIS pays close attention to the people you ( DID not biologically) choose to be the Hollywood stars in your life.

  • Accordingly, this book provides efficient strategies for keeping quality people around you and only those who can enhance your optimal way of living, and send those who manipulated you for a brunch at dinner time. #ifyouknowwhatImean.


  • ANELIXIS determines the best ways to cope and deal with toxic and manipulative people ruining your lives (aka NARCOPATHS).

  • In my book, I refer to those toxic and manipulative individuals (very politely) as Narcopaths (please see the term in the given section below), because time and energy are our only possessions of real power.





A·ne·lix·is /əˈnəˈliksəs/ 

Anelixis defined as the optimal evolution of human beings by which a person's thinking and feeling processes refined continuously to elevate their consciousness, spirit and physical structure.



Nar·co·path /ˈnärkōˌpaTH/ 

Narcopath defined as a person who is a Narcissistic Sociopath. In medical terms, a Narcopath is an individual who is diagnosed with aspects of both narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Essentially, the Narcopath meets at least two diagnostic criteria of the Cluster B personality disorder classifications. Essentially, Narcopaths suck!




The term "Narcopath" plays a vital role in the book for two reasons:

  1. In our modern world society, Narcopaths hold leading positions in our communities, businesses, nations, governments, and relationships.

  2. Narcopathy is the new virus that would destroy our only hope left - our hope for a Free and Sustainable Future! 

Thus, I challenge you to stand against Narcopathy.

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