In 2021, we started the e-learning school for sport management and sport coaching.

In 2016, I came with the idea to create a foundation that sets the trajectory for the sport and entertainment world to formulate sustainable culture and behaviors. 

As part of my research on ecological footprint and the sport industry, Zero-Carbon Sport is a Longitudinal project that seeks for a carbon-neutral sport world.

Zero Carbon Sport

My life long career with volleyball inspired me to create a platform, namely, VolleyBility that sets the foundation for the volleyball world to adopt sustainability practices and deliver sustainable products and services.

Professional Memberships

I am an active and proud member of Rotary International. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Charleston which belongs to the Rotary District 7770. I am a member of the Community Service Committee Board and I represent the duty of environmental protection and wellness in Charleston, SC. Charleston is a Historic and beautiful city in the Southeastern United States.