My WorldView in Short.

Also Known As (aka) Life Quotes

Imagination is your unframed knowledge.

                            -Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

Traveling with friends is fun,

 traveling with family is a blessing,

 traveling alone is educational,

 traveling with a purpose is living.


 -Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

There is a common feature in those who think they know and those who know how to think.


Neither deems of the unknown.

                            -Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

We must cultivate the ability to learn how to learn and to know why we learn what we learn.

                            -Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

Our values grow when we come across the moral gaps.

We grow when our values evolve based on certain life experiences.

And we elevate to a higher state of our existence when our behavior and life's choices are the compass of our refined values.


-Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

This is Anelixis.

To live better is to not hope for better, but to be better.

To be better is to live without fear.

To live without fear is to hope for nothing.

To hope for nothing is to be free.

                            -Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

Be free to live better and be better to live free.


-Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

Unconditional love is to love freely because of admiration and no for being loved in return.


-Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

All it takes is the blink of the eye, and you can finally see the light. Life is a short journey, it is not a destination or an endless vacation, and the light at the end of the tunnel is you.

-Stavros A. Triantafyllidis

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