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Dr. Stavros Angelos Triantafyllidis


Stavros Triantafyllidis is an Assistant Professor in the Business, Management, and Technology Department at Keystone College. Stavros completed his Ph.D. in Sport Management, emphasizing environmental sustainability and sport events from the University of Florida. Also, he has served as the coordinator of the Sport Management programs, and he was an Assistant Professor in a tenure-track position at the Citadel. In addition, Stavros has taught courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also holds a Master of Science in Sport Administration and Education from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Aegean (Greece).

His research focuses on sport and sustainable development. Currently, he is actively involved in research projects with graduate students and colleagues across the globe. Specifically, Stavros investigates how sport can be an effective platform for sustainable development interventions at the personal, social, and environmental levels. In addition, his research also explores how the sport world can become more sustainable in terms of its operations, such as events and transportation.

Stavros is a former professional volleyball and beach volleyball athlete. He is actively involved with community development projects such as sport camps and sport events for all ages. In addition, he is an active member of the Rotary Club of Charleston. As an enthusiastic community service individual, Stavros’s duties include involvement in the community's environmental protection and wellness initiatives.

Stavros is the founder of an educational platform, “We are Guarding Earth through Sport (We are GETS),” that encourages people and organizations to engage more actively in sport and environmental initiatives to cultivate more sustainable behaviors and culture. Overall, Stavros’s vision is to inspire people to cultivate an active and sustainable lifestyle.

Recently, Stavros started the “Triantafyllidis Sport Academy (TS Academy),” an e-learning platform that offers graduate certificates in sport management and sport coaching. Also, TS Academy provides a series of seminars (on-site) and webinars with a focus on contextual aspects of the sport business industry. Attendees of the workshops receive a certificate of attendance from certified faculty, institutions, and experts from the sport industry. Examples of the workshop topics that TS Academy offers include but are not limited to sport event management, marketing, and sponsorship, with applications of sustainability initiatives towards the development, design, planning, execution, completion, and assessment of the events.


Note. You could refer to Stavro's CV on the PDF file below. 

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